среда, 16 июля 2008 г.


How tired i am of this new ICQ - it is like a nightmare It makes my computer work so slowly, I will update a new program. The problem is that I don't know how to save all contacts correctly and it irritates me so much, doesn't help even my favorite music. I didn't have such a bad dispozition for a long time.

суббота, 7 июня 2008 г.

Already Summer

Already Summer,
this is the most wonderful season, I waited so long for it to come.

среда, 30 апреля 2008 г.

my friend

Last night we sat in cafe with my old friend. I did not him many years. He lived in a village. He jokes, that there he was known by everybody, but in the city nobody knows him, even close people.
He looks perfectly and already a week lives in the city, he is searching for a job.
He is the programmer and even in his village he did not leave the work, having a remote operation at one large company in London.
Now he decided to be arranged so that to work in a big office. He needs more converses.
I have advised him to address to the Аnnabelle hotel – they wanted an expert of his qualification. We had a very long and funny meeting. It is always very pleasant for me to meet my old friends.

воскресенье, 24 февраля 2008 г.

Something terrible is happening last time. In the middle of the last summer one of my close relatives had a heartattack. The grandmother of my friend just has died of heart attack. Today my friendshad something in the same sort. I do not know details yet. But I am not afraid for my heart. I try to move as much as possible and tothink only about good things. I try to find in all events only positivepart. What I am afraid of - are flights byplanes. I was told some cases when an accident could occur and people were within ahair's breadth of death. If pilots behave the same as drivers on roads, itis no wonder. All the technical equipment, except for computers and the Internet,certainly!:)

четверг, 7 февраля 2008 г.

The pictures of this lake evoke strong memories in me - this lake is alive!

четверг, 24 января 2008 г.

Interestingly: for how many years oil stocks will suffice in the world in generaland in Emirates in particular? It seems to me,that Emirates very correctly use their incomes, which allows them to get oildeposits. Before oil will end, they will create the real tourist paradise, andwill receive from it not fewer money. If, of course, coming to the end oil willnot provoke, for example, war in region:

четверг, 3 января 2008 г.

I've met data of interrogation on this theme. Interrogation, thatis especially amusing, was spent among businessmen, people ratherwell-to-do. So. About 70 % from them recognize - fairly acquired largeriches in the nature do not exist! And as to money… I'm now in suchsituation – I need money urgently. And there is no chance to get them.